Benefits of water chillers during summer in a factory

Many industries that run plants and factories in producing and manufacturing goods use loads of energy that generate heat in the process. Too much heat could compromise a working environment posing health threats to its workers, spoilage of goods and decreasing production level overall. To solve this, cooling systems were introduced.

Time and innovation resulted in a wide range of chillers for industrial air compressors. It came in different designs and sizes. On a small scale, chillers were manufactured locally or in portable units. On the other hand, large chillers were made to keep entire facilities cool. Besides the most common, which are the air-conditioning units and systems, water chillers happened.

Water chillers extract heat from a refrigerant using water. It is known for its condensing process, being highly effective. Therefore, much preferred. However, a constant source of water, and oftentimes, a pump and a cooling tower are needed. In consideration of which can be cost-effective or worth investing in, here are some of the benefits of water chillers you might need to know before deciding on what to buy:

  1. In terms of safety

When a person is exposed to too much heat, it results in irritability, loss of concentration and exhaustion. If this goes on for a long haul, it could lead to more serious illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke. The universal approach for first aid is to keep their temperature regulated. Allow the body to cool off by keeping them away from direct heat. Replacing fluids and loosening some garments to let heat evaporate may also help.

In line with this, one benefit of the water chillers is providing cooler air faster than any cooler there is. Because of the growing demand for in-plant cooling systems, innovators conformed. Now, options of cost-effective systems have emerged since a readily available resource, water is just what it needs to function. This alleviates the plant operators’ dilemma of getting exposed to too much industrial heat.

  • How it helps in keeping the working environment tension-free

It’s amazing that with how fast a water chiller acts, it’s how heated arguments are also instantly remedied by these cooling systems. The heat has a contributing capacity to on-site disputes amongst workers.

As water chillers fulfil its purpose of regulating the temperature within the working environment, it also relieves it from unnecessary tension at work.

  • As water chillers keep a working environment tension-free, it also helps in keeping workers productive.

Efficient productivity remains intact and flowing smoothly if a working environment is kept safe and conducive to a worker’s needs. In that accord, a cooling system helps in creating an atmosphere for effective work. A water chiller provides it even faster due to its capacity to perform better than air-cooled chillers. 10 to 100 times better to be exact.

  • It provides the right ventilation.

Traditional ways of keeping a plant or factory ventilated include opening the doors and windows. Fans were used to keep air moving through. Some industries still use this approach but to those who use precision manufacturing machinery and those whose factory products’ quality control may get affected, it becomes a no-no.

A water chiller or a small compressor keeps a room effectively ventilated keeping mould formation at a minimum. This way, factory goods would not be exposed to any toxic chemicals from it nor would its storage be infiltrated by dust or insects from the outdoors.

  • Equipment stays protected and is ensured of a longer life span.

Machines need time to cool off. Since most of the machines in a plant work almost 24/7, cooling it off takes a lot of time to do so. But with the help of an in-plant cooling system like a water chiller, the process becomes reasonably shorter.

Let’s say, if a machine would need 24 hours rest at 0°C temperature, a water chiller speeds up its cooling process (from being turned off). This shortens the whole non-productive hours. This prevents the machines from overheat and from being overworked. And the company, from losing money all at the same time.

Workplaces that have high-temperature problems have become more common than before because of climate change. The average temperature of warm seasons has changed generally higher. Even if it gained little increments only, these small figures could change a work environment significantly. Additionally, a factory is also sufficed with computers that also generate from the inside. And so, heat generated comes from two sources. With a proper cooling system, like water chillers, it could help a lot considering these benefits. Most especially, during the summer season.