How to be Productive When Working From Home

Are you feeling unorganised or distracted in your home office? Did you book a doctor’s appointment right in the middle of your usual working day hours? Working from home is a good option and it can be a good alternative to sitting in a cold, dull and boring office all day.

If you are wondering about how you can still be productive and comfortable working at home at the same time here are a few tips to help.

Find your space

You need a space that is setup and dedicated to your work and streamlining that process, whilst keeping you motivated. You may find yourself changing spots from curled up and working on the couch to working at the dining table whilst picking at any snacks you can find in the cupboard or fridge. Your spot doesn’t need to be confined to a singular gloomy room. If you work better in a sun-room with plenty of light and no distractions, this is a good option, or you may prefer to work in the lounge-room with the fire on and keeping you nice and toasty. You need to set up your space in the way that you want it to be and include what makes it more comfortable and efficient for you. Decide on the time frame also. If you have flexible hours, then choose wisely when it is more suitable for you to work and when you feel you will be the most productive. If mornings are too hectic with school drop off and house chores like making beds, washing dishes or preparing dinner then you can work in the afternoon or if you are more creative and alert in the mornings, then choose to work then. It’s all up to you about where you work and when. You may be in a unique situation where you actually can’t choose the space you work in if you work as a casual nanny who specialises in the work of in home child care. The child will choose where you work, so, feel lucky that you may have the ability to work where you want.


It doesn’t matter where you are working in your home whether it be a shed, lounge room, office space or even the laundry you need to ensure there is nothing around you that will create a distraction. Having a clutter free zone will ensure you stay focused on the work ahead and be more aligned with a more in office experience. Avoid having a television, tablet or your phone around you at all times, unless it is necessary for your job! As most times work in the 21st century will revolve around the need for smart devices, it may be hard to avoid these distractions.

Get organised for the day

People think that working from home consists of having the television on, sitting on the couch and not doing much at all. This is simply not true and when you are working at home you are aiming for success and the idea of money making just like you would be if you were sitting in an office. Ensure you get dressed and ready as sitting in pjs will create laziness and loss of focus. Take down some to do lists for the day which will give you more motivation when you set out the intentions for the day and start crossing them off. You may need to get organised for many different things, depending on the industry you work in. You may have experience in aged care training and work in that industry, so your morning may be about planning activities in your home for your elderly patient to partake in. It could also be very different if you have your certificate 4 in disability caring as you will be planning engaging activities and making lunches all day for your clients.

Have the lights on

Having natural light through your windows is nice but it will create glare on the computer. Don’t let your view become distracted either move the computer around so there is no glare or simply close the blinds and put the light switch on while you are working. You will suffer from eye strain and headaches if you are struggling to see the screen from too much light

Create a home office ambiance


When you are working from home you get to choose how you want to personalise your work area. You may be limited to how you can do this at the office but at home it’s all up to you. Create a style that is all about you and what will give off an inspiring and calming environment like candle, photos and plants.

Set your schedule

Ensure you plan out your schedule try and start at the same time each day and ensure you take breaks when needed. This will help to keep a track of your workload and keep things organised.

There are many benefits of working from your own or another’s home. The most important thing is to remain productive and do what you can to avoid distractions.