The right choice of colours for your corporate carpet floors

Your office is your second home. And if you are in the right business then you may be even in love with your office. Your office is a statement of where you stand professionally as well as personally. And one important element of that office is the floor. A carpet is the most important thing when it comes to floors. And so, before you pick a carpet for your office, maybe think of some things.  You wouldn’t want to go ahead with a plan without carefully considering all there is to cover costs and have an investment in your business or place of work.


It always starts with colour. Remember how much we are concerned about what someone’s favourite colour is? Well because what colour someone chooses says a lot about them and so we should start with what colour the carpet should be. Not only will it compliment everything else in the office but it will speak for the people in that office. Red is a colour of mixtures. Where on a side it gives a sense of being productive it proves out to be quite aggressive at the same time. So use it if you can balance it with something else. Also, blue seems classy, confident and soothing. Try it. And then there are other colours too. Colours can always be incorporated according to the field of work the company is functioning in. Suppose it’s an advertising agency with creative fluids running all over the place, the choice of carpets can be customized according to the motivation the employer wishes or expects from his/her employees. It can be colourful or constructed with a colour pattern or design. Suppose it’s a consulting or an audit business, the carpet work would need to be a tad more professional and consistent with the colours of the wall paints and interior designs.

office carpet

Foot traffic

The activity at a place is another aspect of carpet selection. The more the traffic the tougher the carpet that you need to use. There are these things called commercial carpets over stone flooring for an office. The colour of the carpet depends on this factor as well. Because the colour of the carpet should be dark so that it doesn’t get dirty with much traffic. The cleaning factor is also considered here.  Most building owners choose to have hard flooring to make the footwork a lot easier. However, most office leasers would opt for the option of having a carpet in their building for a professional outlook and vibe.

The office

And most importantly, the carpet you choose should fit in with your stone tiles. After work, your office area is about showing off the customers how well off you are. Things like this inspire a sense of awe in the customer and their liking depends on it. And at a time like this, you wouldn’t want the carpet to put off the customers. And so they should be a thing that syncs with everything else and act as a point of sale or attraction ensuring long term relationship and loyalty with all stakeholders.


You don’t want to spend a lot of money on just a carpet and so you should pick something that is durable with the purpose of the office. You also wouldn’t want to cover up your wood look tiles to renew a new carpet look as this warrants for additional expenses and wasteful materials. What if your office area is about picking and dropping heavy stuff. A tough and hard, turfier carpet saves the day. This can also further aid in a lucrative commercial property sale when the building tenure is over and the current owner wishes to gain good returns on the sale.

Office meetings


Some carpets are just put there you know, without any effort. But then some Vorwerk carpets need installation. After all, you don’t want them to shift with every movement of yours. And when thinking of that, make sure that the carpet thing doesn’t bring in very much disturbance. Also, the installation doesn’t cost you many office hours. Allergies are one aspect that needs to be carefully assessed. You wouldn’t want an office filled with coughing and sneezing clients or employees. Hence frequent cleaning and maintenance of these installed carpets need to be ensured for a healthy and clean environment.


The carpet should not cost you a fortune. You need to pick up something fancy, something that fits its environment. The quality matters because it is directly according to your work type and then there are these other factors that it is wear and tear resistance and stuff. At the same time, you need to be economic. You cannot waste a whole lot of money on a carpet. It is an important aspect that it should not turn to regret but rather, a long-term investment.

Colleagues discussing work

Your office elements speak for you and carpet is one of those elements. You might have experience with home carpets and office carpets are very much the same. There is only an additional professional aspect to them. And so you might talk to the office staff, take suggestions and ask for virtual aids. Before buying a carpet make sure that you are a 100% satisfied with the look that it presents.  Because it is not just a carpet but an important part of the statement that your office aesthetics make. Hence, making sure that the right set of thoughts and considerations have gone towards finding out the perfect carpet and the maintenance towards it, can ensure that your staff and clients are truly devoted to your cause as the office environment and vibe deeply contributes to a corporate aesthetic. The colours of your office carpet can deeply contribute towards what people think about your company and moreover help reduce the attrition rate of your business. Employees quickly feel motivated when the office environment is properly paid attention to and clients tend to maintain the best of relationships with the business when the company interiors appeal to them in the best of ways. Hence, ensuring that the interior finishes of your company are well catered to, becomes a very crucial aspect of business which determines your future business growth.