4 Essential Steps To Get Hired As A Remote Intern

Internships have gradually shifted from being an option to being an essential part of the educational curriculum. Nowadays, most companies look for graduates who have different internship experiences on entry-level job candidates.

During this time, when we all are facing a deadly pandemic and are stuck in our homes, we can use this period for building our resume and look for remote internship opportunities. 

Due to this pandemic, numerous companies require interns with the necessary knowledge and skills of computers and technology to work remotely as an internship or job opportunity. However, grabbing such an opportunity can be a tad bit challenging, but you can follow a few essential steps to secure an opportunity and utilize this time efficiently. 

Essential steps to get hired as a remote intern are:

  • Build a convincing C.V. – If you desire to grab your dream job or an excellent internship opportunity at a giant firm. You have to focus on the first and foremost step, and that is building your C.V. or resume, which showcases your achievements, experiences, interests, and how focused and sincere you are regarding your career. 

You have to make sure to make your C.V. stand out because as well know there is a massive demand for internship opportunities everywhere, and for securing an interview, your C.V. or resume must be proper. Such as 

  • C.V. or resume must not exceed more than one or two pages. 
  • Mention your achievements and experiences regarding your education or job requirements. 
  • Mention all the necessary details in chronological order. 
  • Don’t fill the pages with unnecessary details. 
  • Pick the correct and updated C.V. or resume format. 
  • Get your resume layout right with a resume builder. 
  • Be precise with the cover letter – Once you are done with the C.V., the next step is to write an outstanding cover letter. As we all know, H.R. gets hundreds of C.V.s every week, but it’s challenging to convince someone with just a letter, right?

Well, a good cover letter can help your C.V. stand out and work as a final push to get you the opportunity you desire. The main idea is to showcase your motivation towards the job or the company. You must mention some necessary details in the letter such as, 

  • specify the period in which you want to intern and the field of interest.
  • Be precise with the cover letter. 
  • Specify why you want to work for a particular firm. 
  • Specify your requirement for remote working. 
  • Work on your soft skills The third step is to focus on your non-verbal communication and verbal communication skills. Please focus on the things which can affect your interview and improve them. Such as, 
  • Boost your confidence 
  • Prepare for your interview with a career mentor. 
  • develop soft skills
  • research about the company and the role thoroughly
  • prepare thoughtful questions for the interviewer 
  • Ace the interview –  This is your chance to showcase your talent, knowledge, and motivation to work with that company. Keep in mind a few tips, and you will pass the test with flying colours. such as
  • Listen to the interviewer carefully and calmly 
  • Be confident 
  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, politely say so. 
  • Don’t be over-excited and neither be under energized. 
  • Dress professionally and stay brisk. 

Once you have perfected these 4 foundational steps, you’ll be ready to apply to any internship program across Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, you name it!